Rare disease made Asthon Kutcher unable to walk and talk

Ashton Kutcher revealed he had a rare disease that made it impossible for him to walk, and even speak. The 44-year-old actor spoke for the first time about the disease named vasculitis and how difficult it was to be bedridden and to deal with the effects it causes.

While participating in the program, Celebrity Tough Ass: The Challenge, last Monday (8), he declared:

“Two years ago I had this strange and super rare form of vasculitis, which destroyed my eyesight, my hearing and my balance. People don’t pay attention to these things. [ver, ouvir, andar]until you can’t do it,” said Kutcher.

He explained that the disease is an inflammation of the blood vessel wall of organs such as the kidneys, joints, central nervous system and airways.

“You even think, ‘I don’t know if I’ll be able to see again, if I’ll be able to hear or walk again.’ I’m lucky to be alive,” Kutcher concluded.

Ashton Kutcher testified at the trial of Michael Gargiulo (Reproduction)

The program Celebrities for Everything, with host Bear Grylls, is famous for taking its participants to test their physical and mental limits.

In the new episode of the program, shown by the Discovery channel, participants had to live an adventure in the jungles of Costa Rica, crossing a ravine with ropes, among other outdoor challenges.

In addition to Ashton Kutcher, the show also had other famous Hollywood guests like Natalie Portman, Forence Pugh, Simu Liu, Anthony Anderson, and Rob Riggle.

About Kutcher

Christopher Ashton Kutcher was born February 1978 in the United States. He studied biochemistry and worked as a party entertainer. In 1997 he entered a beauty contest and began to become more well-known.

At the beginning of his acting career he played Michael Kelson in the sitcom That ’70s Show and was also featured in the novel For love. Other productions he has acted in were Dude, Where’s My Car?, Las Vegas Love Game, Newlywedsbetween others.

In 2011, Kutcher replaced Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half Men and was highlighted for playing Steve Jobs in jobs.

Ashton was also married to Demi Moore and the marriage came to an end after a series of reports of betrayal. In 2019, she officiated her marriage to Mila Kunis with whom he had his first daughter in 2014 and the second child from the same marriage was born in 2016.

Instagram reproduction
Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher (Instagram Play)

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