Tech demo of Unity, clip of lions impresses with realism

A new tech demo, developed using the Unity graphics engine, has been highlighted on social networks. In a short clip of just over 20 seconds, it is possible to observe the level of technical richness achieved, by showing a family of lions with impressive visuals.

The demo, titled “Lion”, was developed in partnership with art and graphic design tools. In a scene very similar to moments from the movie “The Lion King”, a cub plays with its father on the African plains — all in a real-time simulation and running at 30 FPS in 4K on PlayStation 5.

According to the project’s creators, it took just a few weeks to produce the content, thanks to Wētā Digital’s Wig technology. Despite the tool still being in pre-alpha, it provided many facilities and “much better quality levels and with greater artist control”.

To understand more about the concept of Unity’s tech demo and discover all the creative stages of the material, just access the company’s official blog.

Unity’s tech demos campaign is still active

Lion wasn’t just the only demonstration of the graphics potential of the Unity engine. Earlier this year, the company unveiled the “Enemies” tech demo, but with NVIDIA support for DLSS, 4K, and RT3D. The images suggest a realistic adaptation of a human in games and show how it is possible to combine the aesthetics of a person with expressions, effects and other details. Click here to learn more.

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