‘The Beast’ pits Idris Elba against a bloodthirsty lion

the beast
Idris Elba plays the widower who will have to face an angry lion to protect his daughters in “The Beast” (Photo: Disclosure)

Films in which humans must survive raging animals are nothing new in Hollywood. We have, for example, “Orca, the killer whale” (1977), in which one of the most dangerous mammals of the seas goes after the hunter who killed his pregnant companion, and “The Shadow and the Darkness” (1997), in which Lions terrorize a group of workers hired to build a railroad on the African continent. And it’s a feline that returns to play the terror in “The Beast”, which premieres this Thursday (11).
The film by Baltasar Kormakur has as its protagonist Doctor Nate Samuel (Idris Elba), a widower who takes his daughters Norah (Leah Jeffries) and Meredith (Iyana Halley) to his wife’s homeland, a village in South Africa, to try to reconnect with them. One of the activities of the trio is to tour the territory, where the typical fauna of the African continent abounds, with the company of a guide (Sharlto Copley).
It is on one of these tours that they decide to take a little used route, which will prove to be a bad decision, even if it is not their fault. During the tour, they find another guide, mortally wounded, and soon discover a trail of bodies, victims of the attacks of a lion that, for unknown reasons, seems to kill for pleasure. When an attack by the feline causes an accident that leaves the jeep unusable, they will have to survive in an inhospitable and deadly environment, with no means of communication with the rest of the world and having to use the means at hand to survive the relentless lion. on your hunt.

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In addition to ‘Beast’, other premieres

As for the other releases, “Papai é pop” is what should draw more public attention. The feature by Caito Ortiz is a free adaptation of the book of the same name by Marcos Piangers and shows the learning process of systems developer Tom (Lázaro Ramos), married to lawyer Elisa (Paolla Oliveira), when the couple’s first child is born. Traumatized by never having met his father, he swears he will be the best father in the world for his little daughter; however, as the weeks go by, he starts to give in to the pressure and goes to play ball with his friends to “unwind”, after all he already “helps” his wife, who in turn had overprotective parents. He will then have to learn a few things about what it’s like to be a father not only to be present in the child’s growth, but also to save his marriage.
The other premiere is “Evil Twin”, by Taneli Mustonen. In the story, a family moves into a new house to deal with grief and overcome the death of one of their twins. However, the remaining brother, Elliot (Tristan Ruggeri), makes a request that Nathan return to the world of the living. But who shows up is something supernatural and evil, which affects his behavior, something that is perceived with great fear by his mother (Teresa Palmer).

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