The Mysterious Civilization That Suddenly Disappeared And Was Confused With The Legendary Atlantis

  • Andrew Lofthouse
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Remains of the Tartessian civilization

Credit, Alamy/WH Pics

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Excavations and new technologies are revealing insights into the culture of tartesses

Myths and mysteries surround the ancient society of the Tartessians, which came to be confused with the legendary Atlantis.

After walking along a gravel road, surrounded by dry plains, I finally arrive at the archaeological site of Cancho Roano, in the valley of the Guadiana River, in the region of Extremadura (southwest Spain).

As I watch, I wonder how different this flat, barren, dusty land must have looked 2,500 years ago, when it was a center of commerce and worship for the Tartessians — a mysterious society that developed on the Iberian Peninsula between the 9th and 5th centuries BC. , until, suddenly, it disappeared.

Today, ongoing research with new technologies brings more revelations about the lost civilization and its role in Iberian history.

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