The torture and rape scandal revealed by ex-prisoners in Russia

  • BBC Eye Investigations, Olga Prosvirova and Oleg Boldyrev
  • BBC News

video caption,

Leaked footage shows systematic rape and torture in Russian prisons

Warning: This article contains images and graphic descriptions of sexual abuse and violence

Former Russian prisoners spoke to the BBC about the systematic torture and rape they suffered in prisons across the country, after images of abuse were leaked by a source last year.

The Saratov prison hospital in southwestern Russia gained notoriety last year when videos of horrific abuse against prisoners were leaked to a human rights organization and circulated in the international press.

Alexei Makarov knew the prison’s reputation before he was transferred there in 2018 to serve a six-year sentence for assault. Prisoners who are sent to Saratov from other prisons say a hospital was created there just so inmates could be tortured behind closed doors.

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