USA. Man accused of stabbing a teenage girl 59 times in 1982

uA 75-year-old man was accused this Tuesday of raping and violently killing a teenager in 1982, after being arrested in the US state of Hawaii.

Gary Ramirez was arrested on August 2, in the city of Maui, suspected of having murdered Karon Stitt, then 15 years old. The body was found next to a concrete wall in Silicon Valley, California, on August 3, 1982 by a truck driver.

According to the report filed by Santa Clara County, Ramirez allegedly kidnapped, raped and murdered the young woman while she was living in California. The autopsy revealed that Stitt was stabbed 59 times.

The county, telling the story about the crime, explains that advances in forensic science have made it possible to decipher the 40-year-old mystery.

The documents of the Santa Clara district attorney also say that, at the time, the investigation teams suspected the teenager’s boyfriend, who was with her the night she was killed. The two were together at night, in a small supermarket, before Karon Stitt went to the bus stop, where he would take the transport to Palo Alto, also in the state of California (an area known for being one of the richest in the United States, welcoming Stanford University and the headquarters of the biggest companies in the technological world, such as Apple, Google and Facebook).

Then, the county explains, the girl’s boyfriend quickly left the scene to get home before the time set by her parents.

“Her body was found about 300 yards from the bus stop the next morning. The killer left his blood and fluids on Ms. Stitt. Ms. Stitt’s boyfriend, long considered a suspect, was acquitted based on samples DNA,” the county says on its website.

Quoting District Attorney Jeff Rosen, the county says that “behind every murder file in every police department is a person, a tragedy and a mystery.” “The mystery of Karen Stitt’s death was solved thanks to advances in forensic science and a detective who never, ever gave up,” he adds.

The investigation resumed in 2019, and a lead made investigators lean towards Gary Ramirez, who lived in Fresno, Calif., and lived in various places between the 70s and 80s, before settling in the Hawaiian archipelago.

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