Watch Brasil indicates five movies and series to cry with laughter


Comedy series are the best to lift the spirits on boring days. For years they have conquered fans all over the world, and it was with this in mind that Watch Brazil prepared for you a series of unmissable suggestions to laugh together with the whole family.

  1. It’s Giving Wave 2 – The animated comedy It’s Giving Wave 2, features the WWE Superstars, providing their own voices, while comparing themselves to the talking animals. In the movie, surfer penguin Cadu Maverick is back and looking for new adventures. When the famous group of marombeiros Hang 5 appears on Pen-Gu Island and offers directions to the most legendary peak.
  2. Rufus – Directed by Savage Steve Holland, the comedy tells the story of Manny, who finds a mysterious amulet and makes a wish. Rufus, his dog, transforms into a human boy, following Manny’s request for the amulet. Although he doesn’t know how to act normally, he becomes the most popular boy in school.
  3. Double dose – With Denzel Washington in the cast, the film tells the story of the duo “Bobby” and “Stig”, who have been working together for ten months, and try to do business with Papi Greco, a powerful Mexican drug lord who operates in the United States. Papi is suspicious of the duo, and refuses to negotiate with them. The way out is then to rob a bank that, supposedly, would receive the income left every week by the drug dealer’s henchmen. However, the amount available in the vault is much larger than Bobby and Stig imagined, which makes it clear that there are more people involved. The cast includes Mark Wahlberg and Paula Patton.
  4. the good neighborhoodDirected by James Burrows, the comic series tells the story of the Johnson family who move from the suburbs to live in luxurious Los Angeles, where nobody is very adept at the good-neighbor policy. The Johnson family tries to get closer to their new neighbors, but they are not very successful. The cast includes Cedric the Entertainer, Max Greenfield, Tichina Arnold and Beth Behrs.
  5. Have we arrived yet? – The comedy tells the story of Nick and Suzanne, newlyweds, but their life together is nothing like what they imagined. In addition to worries at work, the couple still has to deal with their two teenage children, who prefer to spend more time on their cell phones than with their own family. Will they be able to solve these problems? The film is directed by Alfonso Ribeiro.

So you already know, right? Now just press play!

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