Windows 11 gets a tool that improves performance of x64 apps on ARM CPUs

ARM64EC allows developers to build applications with hybrid parts between different formats

Microsoft announced this Wednesday (10) a new tool for devices based on the ARM architecture that promises to increase its performance in x64 apps. Known as ARM64ECit allows combine code that runs natively in ARM format with emulated x64 coderesulting in automatically noticeable improvements.

According to the company, the objective of the new tool is to be a kind of “transition step” between the formats, with the ultimate intention that developers fully migrate their apps to ARM. On her official blog, she explains that a creator can “start small and build incrementally”, having immediate gains in their projects.

You can identify a part of your codebase that will benefit the most from native performance and rebuild it as ARM64EC”, explains Microsoft. “The rest of the application will remain fully functional as an x64 emulation, but the recompiled ARM64EC parts will now have native speed. Over time, you can recompile more app parts like ARM64EC to further improve performance and talk battery life for your consumer apps”.

Tool should simplify the work of developers

Prior to the release of the new tool, the process of adapting an application to ARM involved a “all or nothing” scheme. With the launch, Microsoft intends to encourage this process to happen more oftenbringing gains to both format-based hardware and Windows 11.

According to the company, the ARM64EC will only be available on the latest version of your operating system and will not have a version built for Windows 10. She also notes that codes created with the new feature will not be compatible with those developed on ARM64which uses a different set of software conventions.

Windows 11 Encryption Could Damage Data, Says Microsoft

Windows 11 Encryption Could Damage Data, Says Microsoft
The company claims that a fix for the problem is now available, but it may slow down the performance of some apps.

We are excited by the potential of the ARM64EC and excited to see the types of apps developers can build for Windows 11 on ARM using this technology.,” Microsoft said. On its official website, the company provides a complete documentation about the new tool and explains the contexts in which it can be used — click here to access it.


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Source: Windows Central, Windows Blog

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