Xiaomi updates its water filter with cheaper components

In March of this year, Xiaomi launched the Desktop Drinking Machine on the market. However, the product faced problems in gaining public favor due to its filters being too expensive. Also, it was not interesting to buy a machine that had to change the component frequently.

However, the Chinese manufacturer did not give up on the product and decided to launch an updated version of it. The MIJIA Drinking Machine Happy Edition came with the premise of solving cost issues and can be used instantly. Likewise, the dispenser comes with a removable bottle and a single core filter.

The insistence of Xiaomi and its derivative MIJIA help to expand the product portfolio, which has solutions for the home such as a robot vacuum cleaner and even smart lamps with different functions. A table water filter enters this arsenal to help with everyday practicality.

The filter continues to be of high efficiency, of the osmosis type and the component only needs to be changed once a year. In this way, it becomes a much more durable product for those who want something with a long-term focus. Finally, the item has the ability to heat water in three seconds.

use with app

Something interesting about this product is the possibility of operating it through the MIJIA app in a very practical way. For example, it can access the modes of boiling water or preparing milk and can even activate a child safety lock, preventing possible accidents.

For those who prefer handling in classic mode, the product also has a digital panel that is intuitive and has easy-to-understand functions. Finally, prices are available from 1,499 yuan (R$ 1,123 at the current price) with filters worth R$ 224. The manufacturer has not given any clues about the launch of the dispenser in the global market.

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