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Inter’s elimination in the Copa Sudamericana continues to generate debate and even former coach Abel Braga spoke on the subject. In participation in the Seleção sportv program this Friday, the ex-colorado commander criticized a statement by Mano Menezes after the defeat on penalties to Melgar in Beira-Rio.

In the post-game press conference, Mano was sincere in saying that the team was “not prepared to be champions”, when analyzing the fall in the quarterfinals of the Sudamericana. Abel Braga countered the Colorado coach’s speech by stating that things like that should not be said.

– I get along very well with Mano, but we also have to put ourselves on the side of the fans, understand that. Understanding the booing, not the aggression, that’s totally the opposite and several times I feel privileged with Inter fans, but I’ve always been against breaking glass, these things. You got it when he arrived, his comment from the game shouldn’t have said what he said, “we’re not ready to be champions”. It might not really be, but you can’t say,’ said Abel.

“I always have it for myself and I try to talk to the fan, our Internacional fan, that when something is missing it’s because we are not prepared to be champions”

— Mano Menezes, after elimination to Melgar

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Mano Menezes Internacional vs Melgar — Photo: Maxi Franzoi/AGIF

After another goalless draw against Melgar, in Beira-Rio, the dispute for a place in the semifinals of the Sudamericana went to penalties. Goalkeeper Cáceda saved the kicks from Edenilson, Taison and De Pena, and the Peruvian team won 3-1.

– I always have it for myself and I try to talk to the fan of the team I manage, our Inter fan, that when something is missing it is because we are not prepared to be champions. It’s a little harsh when you talk like that, but that’s how it is – highlighted Mano Menezes.

With the defeat on penalties, Inter was eliminated from the Sudamericana and only the Brasileirão dispute remains for the rest of the season. Inter is sixth in the table, with 33 points, and faces Fluminense next Sunday, in Beira-Rio.

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Abel Braga criticizes Mano's statement about Inter not being prepared to be champion:

Abel Braga criticizes Mano’s statement about Inter not being prepared to be champion: “He may not be, but he cannot say”

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