Atltico ordered to pay Andr Cury for commission on the sale of Pratto

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Entrepreneur Andr Cury files 28 lawsuits against Atltico

Atltico was convicted in one of the lawsuits brought by businessman Andr Cury against the club. This time, for a commission from the agent in the sale of striker Lucas Pratto to So Paulo, carried out in 2017.

Upon conviction, Atltico will have to pay 694,800 euros. The amounts in Brazilian currency will be calculated with the quotation on the day of the effective payment, according to the contract. The amount would convert into something close to R$ 5.2 million.

According to the judgment of Judge Eduardo Henrique de Oliveira Ramiro, of the 15th Civil Court of the District of Belo Horizonte, the commission should have been paid by December 31, 2017. The amount initially was 500 thousand euros, later increased by another 194,800 euros for the sale of Pratto to River Plate, from Argentina.

“I deem partially valid the requests contained in the initial to order the defendant to pay the applicant the amount of EUR694,800.00 (six hundred and ninety-four thousand and eight hundred euros), an amount that must be converted into Reais with the quotation on the date of the maturity of each installment of the obligation, and the amount obtained must be monetarily corrected by the indexes of the CGJ/MG, plus default interest of 1% (one percent) per month, both levied from the maturity of the obligation”, pointed out the judge. .

Galo will also have to pay legal costs and fees, arbitrated at 10% of the value of the conviction.

Cury’s actions against the Atlantic

In all, Cury files 28 legal actions in force against Atltico – all related to commissions in negotiations. Adding the processes, the Galo is charged by the agent in more than R$ 64 million.

The businessman also requests the “protest registration” in the registration of the mall’s property. In Cury’s petition, Rooster is pointed out as close to “insolvency”, which would have Diamond as the only immovable asset with liquidity. The agent’s lawyers still argue that the possibility of clubs becoming SAF in Brazil harms creditors.

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