Batman 2 is still not completely guaranteed, says website

four months after Batman 2 have been during CinemaConit seems that the Warner Bros. Discovery is still analyzing whether it will actually produce a sequel to the feature starring Robert Pattinson. According to the Varietythe company of David Zaslav has not yet given the go-ahead for production to begin.

Also according to the report, of all the films confirmed by Warner in recent years, only joker 2 is 100% guaranteed. About that, wonder woman 3, super shock, Super man in Ta-Nehisi Coatesthe series of Penguin and zatanna are still under development, but are still at risk of being canceled in the future. That’s because Zaslav plans a more unified future than DCEUwith fewer and fewer productions taking place in parallel realities to the main franchise.

Directed by Matt Reeves (Monkey’s Planet), Batman stars Pattinson as the Batman, Paul Dano (Charade), Andy Serkis (Alfred), Zoë Kravitz (Cat Woman), Jeffrey Wright (Commissioner Gordon) and Farrell (Penguin).

Batman is available at HBO Max is at home video.

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