“Boy, after that, I won’t complain about Rueda in 2022”; Santos president gets ‘another world’ discount and salary is leaked to fans


Santos president regained prestige with Peixão fans

- Andrés Rueda
© Photo: Reproduction / Santos TV– Andrés Rueda

Santos brought Soteldo back and the fans were very excited. The short guy didn’t work out abroad, he went through Toronto FC and América, from Mexico, but he didn’t have the same performance as before. He decided to return to Brazil, refused some offers and wanted to close with Peixão. The deal was closed quickly and the player will arrive in Vila Belmiro in the next few days.

The little guy played a lot of ball with Peixão’s shirt and is enough to be one of the best in the position in Brazilian football. Lisca when he found out about the deal, he immediately approved it. The commander really likes his style of play and believes he can help the team in this final stretch of the season. The Venezuelan’s debut does not yet have a date to happen.

What made the Santos fans even more excited was when they heard about the salary that Soteldo will receive at Santos. Every 30 days, the gringo will receive BRL 400 thousand at Alvinegro Praiano. The information was first disclosed by the UOL Esporte portal. Values ​​very different from what the player himself received in Canada and Mexico, more than BRL 1 million.

On social media, Santos fans thanked President Rueda, as the president managed to bring back the player paying a much lower salary than rivals sought to disburse.. Many joked and said that they will not criticize the president until the end of the year just because of this hiring.

Behind the scenes, the Santos administration wants more reinforcements. Many names are studied, but some were discarded for the values. Lisca participates directly in the negotiations and has even been willing to help in a possible negotiation.

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