Brazilians can still receive R$ 4,000 from Auxílio Caminhoneiro; how to consult?

The last few weeks were marked by the first payments of benefits granted by the PEC of Benefits for the population. In this way, a large number of Brazilians are receiving funds from various programs.

Some of them are aimed at professional drivers. As of this month, truck drivers and taxi drivers will receive amounts in order to help with fuel costs.

Aid is now available for workers in the area – Image: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia/

Trucker Allowance

Currently, Caixa Econômica Federal paid the first two installments of the truck driver allowance, more specifically, on Tuesday, the 9th. The amounts were passed on to about 900,000 autonomous cargo carriers.

The payment has a value of R$ 1 thousand, however, at this first moment the workers received the July and August installments, which was equivalent to R$ 2 thousand.

This benefit was created through an amendment to the constitution that was approved by the Federal Congress during the month of July. The initiative allocates resources to the creation of new benefits, as well as the implementation of some that already exist, such as Auxílio Brasil and Vale-Gás.

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How to withdraw

The novelty received the official name of BEm-Caminhoneiro, and the amounts were credited directly into a digital savings account created using the name of the worker through Caixa Econômica. It is worth remembering that the institution is also responsible for payments of other types of government benefits.

To gain access, the person must access the Caixa Tem app (Android: or iOS: It is possible to transfer to other accounts, pay slips or even make online purchases.

To consult the available values, it remains to access the application, create a registration and finally select the “Extract” section. By choosing this option, you can see the amounts that will be paid in the future.

Who can withdraw?

As the name suggests, people who work as autonomous truck drivers can have access to values. However, the government found a way to facilitate access to information and formalize payments.

For this, all workers who are registered in the National Registry of Road Cargo Transporters (RNTRC) until the date of May 31 of this year will be considered.

It will also be necessary to have a current National Driver’s License along with a valid CPF. It is worth remembering that those who have some kind of restriction on these documents can receive if they are updated. However, there will be no retroactive payments.

It is worth remembering that transfers only take place during the period between August and December, according to the official text of the approved PEC.

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