CEO posts crying selfie after laying off his company’s employees

After posting a crying selfie on Linkedin, the CEO of HyperSocial, a company specializing in optimizing posts on the professional social network, has been sparking intense debate in various media. To begin, Braden Wallake’s post received 20,000 likes in a single day; then the matter divided the opinions of commentators.

Many consider the executive’s gesture sincere and moving, as he shows courage and authenticity by publicly admitting his mistakes and revealing his vulnerability. Others, however, say he is nothing more than an exhibitionist, trying to get attention in an “embarrassing and corny” post.

speaking to Vice /Motherboard, Wallake explained that his company had laid off two employees the night before: one directly by him and one by his “business partner bar girlfriend” as he watched. Apparently, the two ex-employees were “nicely beyond measure” to the release notice, and said they “would be fine.”

Source: gpointstudio/Freepik/Reproduction.Source: gpointstudio/Freepik/Reproduction.Source: gpointstudio/Freepik

Why did Braden Wallake cry on Linkedin?

“I was sitting here at my desk, kind of crying, I think, and I decided to do the post because I’ve seen a lot on LinkedIn recently about how horrible entrepreneurs and CEOs are for firing their employees, and that they do it at the same time as buy their third home in the Bahamas or anywhere else,” confided the executive.

He is keen to point out that, although many entrepreneurs are currently laying off their employees, this it’s not always to accumulate your profits, “but that’s how business is”. The idea was to show that, in addition to the greedy mega-companies, “there are normal people behind a lot of layoffs too”.

After the criticism published this week, Wallake acknowledged that his tearful photo was a little embarrassing. However, even if these negative manifestations have occurred, what really matters, he says, is that several businessmen sent positive responses, saying be interested in hiring the two fired employees.

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