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HBO Max subscribers typically experience some issues when using the platform’s app. But that is about to change, according to the company itself that announced this Wednesday (10), some updates have been made. They are in the HBO Max app for desktop, iOS and Android mobile devices and Amazon Fire tablets.

In short, these news are related to navigation, design and even streaming tools, in order to improve the subscriber experience.

Changes to the look of the HBO Max app

Now available globally, the announced updates are functions that have been requested by the public. One of the most anticipated was the shuffle button for mobile devices. The mobile feature, which already existed on the desktop, allows the user to randomly play any episode of a beloved series.

In addition, for those who like to leave a title passing while doing some task, know that the platform can split the screens with other apps.

Other news announced are, a section dedicated to downloaded content with better performance and stability, visual support for landscape or portrait mode. Besides the chromecast stability.

The platform has also improved the look, which has more up-to-date navigation and improved navigation elements and functionality.

Vice President talks about changes to the app

According to Kamyar Keshmiri, senior vice president and producer at Warner Bros. Discovery Streaming updates make it easier for the user to make choices on the platform and bring a deeper interaction with the service.

“The changes give our users more of the features that interest them most, along with improved navigation and a more immersive screen for storytelling, helping them click through to their favorite content faster and with less friction,” he explains.

Shuffle mode arrived first on desktop

Launched in March 2022 on desktop, HBO Max’s shuffle mode is a button that is on the page of some series on the platform. When clicked, it redirects the subscriber to any random episode.

Productions that have the button are usually titles with episodes centered on a case or story that begins, develops and ends in itself.

Some examples that have this feature are the series Friends, The Amazing World of Gumball and Rick and Morty.

In total, there are more than 20 titles on the platform that have this tool, now also available for smartphones.

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