Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling Star in David Leitch’s Next Film

Announced in 2020, the film that brings together the director David Leitch with the actor Ryan Gosling got news.

Previously what we knew was that the film would follow the story of a guy who works in Hollywood as a stuntman for movies. Now Deadline has revealed that it is a movie adaptation of the 80s series called Hard to Fall (The Fall Guy) who accompanied a film stuntman who also worked as a bounty hunter when film work was scarce.

David Leitch directs film with Ryan Gosling about stunt coordinator

The publication also states that in addition to Ryan Gosling, the actress Emily Blunt will be part of the cast.

Another novelty is that the Universal Pictures secured the rights to the feature and set a March 2024 release date.

Drew Pearce take care of the script.

Another curiosity is that the Leitch worked for years in the area, worked as coordinator in the films The price of tomorrow (2011)Tron: The Legacy (201), and speed racer (2008) until he changed his profession and started directing with atomic (2017) and deadpool 2 (2018).

The Fall Guy arrives March 1, 2024.

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