Film “The Accountant” by Gavin O’Connor

The Accountant (2016) is a film directed by Gavin O’Connor and tells the story of Christian Wolff, a skilled accountant who has a different clientele than he is used to seeing. The review has been divided into the following parts for better reading:

  • Christian Wolff: synopsis and beginning
  • The Accountant: what’s the story?
  • Recommend or pass?

Christian Wolff: synopsis and beginning

The Accountant, directed by Gavin O’Connor, features Ben Affleck to play the role of Christian Wolff.

Still in childhood, he receives the diagnosis of autism and despite demonstrating an excellent performance with regard to numbers. In addition, it also presents us with difficulties in social interactions and in completing tasks undertaken (as well expressed in the puzzle scene).

Still talking about his childhood, “The Accountant” shows when the family is abandoned by his mother and why Christian became so intimate with weapons and hand-to-hand combat.

Thus, we follow some flashbacks of his father (army officer) training him and his younger brother in what he thinks is the only way to deal with the world as it is.

In this sense, the thought becomes clear when the parent refuses to put the child in a kind of follow-up. This is because he believes the world is unfriendly and that Christian needs to learn to live up to it.

In time jump, Wolff works in a small accounting office, which provides cover for his extra jobs and the world he hides in a trailer. There we discovered an arsenal of heavy weaponry and collections of masterpieces – a comfortable and perfect world for him.

Looking at his daily routine, it’s clear he needs that routine exactly the way it is.

The Accountant: what’s the story?

While we follow the nuances of Christian, The Accountant introduces us to the figure of Raymond King – director of the Criminal Department at the Ministry of Finance.

In addition to him, he introduces Marybeth Medina, a candidate for an important position, but who hides a dark criminal past. So, Ray takes this chance to get Marybeth to take a case in exchange for discretion regarding that past.

The case in point concerns several big criminals, more precisely what they all have in common: the accountant. A man who can restore years of falsified accounting records is valuable to criminals. Above all, a big problem for the country’s Treasury, making Ray want to find him.

the mysterious accountant

Mary has access to footage and videos of Christian entering a “lair” of mob killers and footage of the moment they were all murdered in cold blood by Wolff. At that moment, the training he had with his father and his coldness in hurting and killing other people is proven. However, in the video it looks like he had a motivation to do so.

While under investigation, Christian is hired to take care of the accounts of Living Robotics, a technology company that sells prosthetics to victims of weaponry to the United States government, after Dana Cummings (a company employee) finds holes in the company’s accounting.

In “The Accountant”, Dana is played by Anna Kendrick, her lively character contrasts with Christian’s serenity, balancing the dynamics of the two on screen.

The opposites attract themselves?

All the time, we have Dana trying to bond with Wolff, because he’s a nice and charismatic person. On the other hand, we follow Wolff using learned tactics to deal with his difficulty in social interaction.

From there, our accountant starts tracking the company’s statements for the last 15 years and, after a night of calculations, finally finds the financial hole of approximately $61,679,000.00.

When men are hired to kill them both, Christian rushes to Dana to save her and ends up introducing her to a side of her life that no one knows about. On the other side of the coin, Medina continues to advance his investigation.

Wolff discovers that the tech company was taking money to put it back on the books and generate cash for the company. In addition, all the partners in the company are being killed one by one.

Meanwhile, Marybeth Medina finally finds out who “the accountant” is. This is when she finds the shell companies he creates so he can handle the money he gets from his extra jobs.

We find out, before Chris, that the owner of the tech company is behind the money laundering and killings of his colleagues to cover up all the crimes.

Raymond King

Raymond King is obsessed with the accountant’s case when, in a flashback, we confirm that he was present the day Chris murdered the mob criminals and came close to being killed by Wolff.

Furthermore, we see that the reason Christian did what he did was that the mafia criminals had killed his friend – the one who spent time with Wolff in prison and who taught him social interaction tricks, an important person to our accountant. – in cold blood for testifying against mob boss Little Tony. The case was under Raymond’s eyes and that’s where it all comes together.

How does “The Accountant” end?

The team hired by the owner of Living Robotics to take the other owners out of circulation has the presence of none other, none other than Christian’s younger brother. This is the real clash that takes place.

The climax of the film is built from that, from the follow-up of the two and who they have become. In fact, however, we see the two meet and understand how they parted.

The company’s problem is solved, Dana remains safe (which for Wolff was a priority) and behind the scenes we see Medina become a second Raymond King, covering up everything that happened and taking the glory of what was done by the accountant.

The film gives us a look at the home for children diagnosed with autism – where Christian’s parents were at the beginning of the film and where he didn’t stay – and we see that all donations made by the protagonist go to this institution.

In addition to having another very cool revelation of who is the voice that helps Christian in his work.

Dana receives one of Chris’ masterpieces, showing how important she was to him. Thus, our protagonist continues with his trailer to another place, which suggests that we will see him again, but in other extra work.

Recommend or pass?

The film fails in some points, such as not exploring Chris’ autism so well. The biggest focus is on their interactions and motivations.

So, if you like action, the movie is a great choice. That’s because “The Accountant” strives to demonstrate the protagonist as a hero/punisher.

The finance part is a little faded and is mostly used to demonstrate Chris’ skills with numbers, but in a very superficial way.
The film is available on the streaming platform Netflix! Check it out there.

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