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It should still take two years for Brazilian capitals to have full coverage of the 5G main band, according to the adviser of the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) Artur Coimbra.

“5G requires a completely new structure. You have to order the equipment, the delivery, the professional installation”, he told the g1during the 5G BR Seminar, which took place this Thursday (11) in São Paulo.

“Until you deploy 5G in all the towers that exist, in São Paulo, for example, it will take at least two years.”

Even so, Coimbra expects a significant improvement in 5G by the end of the year in cities where operators have advanced many antenna installations, such as Brasília and the capital of São Paulo itself.

According to the counselor, the biggest difficulty in activating is installing filters on the transmission antennas, to prevent interference from the new band on other frequencies.

“And sometimes we come across some systems that are not registered correctly. In the tests, we noticed that there is interference and then we identified an antenna that was unknown. Therefore, this is the most sensitive and complicated phase”, he added.

Also because of this interference problem, Coimbra says that the capitals with the most complex situation to activate the technology must be Manaus and Belém, where there is a “special situation”.

This happens because of characteristic of antennas in these territorieswhich will need more attention to filtering equipment against signal interference.

“They have satellite stations, which we call ‘Master’, which are bigger, more powerful and with a greater concentration of antennas. And for these cases we will need specially made filters. So it will be a little more work” , commented.

The 5G BR Seminar, organized to celebrate the arrival of the signal in Brazilhad the participation of leaders of the telephone sector, authorities from other countries and the Minister of Communications, Fábio Faria.

Faria said he expects the technology to make a major breakthrough in August. “What we have on our radar is that by the end of this month at least 25 capitals will already be working with 5G”, he said.

He, however, also cited Manaus as the city that brings “greater concern” to the inauguration of 5G.

So far, five capitals have already received the news: Brasília, Porto Alegre, João Pessoa, Belo Horizonte and São Paulo. Anatel expects coverage to arrive soon in Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Salvador and Goiânia, but has not yet set dates.

This Friday (12), a group from the regulatory agency will meet to decide which capitals will be the next to receive the news.

  • See where the antennas are in all capitals with 5G

To activate the signal in these capitals, Anatel stipulates that operators must provide one station for every 100,000 inhabitants. Until July 31, 2024, all capitals and the Federão District will have to reach the rate of one antenna per 30,000 inhabitants.

The deadline for the connection to be available in all Brazilian municipalities with more than 30 thousand inhabitants is only in 2029.

G1 tests 5G speed in São Paulo

G1 tests 5G speed in São Paulo

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