Glaidson’s wife commands the US gang, says PF | Rio de Janeiro

Venezuelan Mirelis Zerpa joined Interpol’s wanted list this Thursday (11).

According to investigations by the Federal Police and the Federal Public Ministry, the wife of Glaidson Acácio dos Santos has been running the US gang scheme since August 2021, when the Kryptos operation was triggered.

She is also responsible for remotely supporting Glaidson’s political candidacy. Even imprisoned in the Joaquim Ferreira de Souza Public Chair, Glaidson launched his candidacy for federal deputy for the PSC.

Mirelis entered the United States in 2021, days before the Kryptos operation. In July of last year, she obtained a student visa to attend the University of Atlanta.

According to investigations, the document was obtained with the help of the Brazilian Ricardo Rodrigo Gomes, known as Pilot. He was once convicted of trafficking cocaine to the United States during the 1980s and being linked to Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

The day after the operation that arrested Glaidson, Mirelis withdrew R$1 billion. His lawyers say it was to pay off debts. For investigators it was to keep the business going. On December 11, even though she was already considered a fugitive, Mirelis sent ten bitcoins, which at the time, was the equivalent of BRL 2 million, to her sister, the Venezuelan Noiralis.

Glaidson Santos and Mirelis Zerpa investigated by the PF for tax evasion and fraud to the financial system — Photo: Reproduction

Investigators have information that from the United States, Mirelis coordinated payment to clients who invested in GAS, Glaidson’s company that managed client applications in cryptocurrencies.

Company in the United States

Investigations by the Federal Police and the Federal Public Ministry that resulted in the Flyer One operation – the fourth phase of the Kryptos operation – launched, this Thursday (11) found that months before being arrested Glaidson was already planning the group’s investments in the United States. .

In February last year, Piloto informed the pharaoh of bitcoins that he was opening a company in the US: BG&GAS.

Mirelis Diaz, in a video published last Sunday (3) — Photo: Reproduction/Youtube

BG&GAS on behalf of his daughter, Bryne Gomes. Glaidson joined the company as a partner with 49% of the shares. Investigators suspect that Mirelis is currently operating BG from abroad.

The 3rd Federal Criminal Court of RJ sent the names of Mirelis, Piloto and Bryne to integrate the Interpol wanted list.

Glaidson had been arrested in August 2021 for crimes against the national financial system, criminal organization and money laundering.

There were also two other arrest warrants against him, one for ordering a murder and the other for the attempted crime.

At the end of May, the pharaoh was indicted by the Federal Police for money laundering.

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