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Roger Machado commanded this Thursday the last training session before facing CRB, for the 24th round of Serie B. In the first activities, the coach has already outlined the team that will play on Saturday. Diogo Barbosa enters on the left side and midfield should be the same that started the game against Operário-PR, with Lucas and Villasanti.

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Grêmio commander didn’t even make a mystery about who will start the next match. As it was last Friday, Bitello remains on the bench and the duo Villasanti and Lucas Leiva wins a sequence with Roger. Nicolas took the third yellow card in the last round and didn’t even go down to the pitch. Diogo Barbosa naturally enters the team.

Unlike Wednesday, Edilson stayed at CT Luiz Carvalho, but worked at the academy. The player must be absent on the travel related list for Maceió.

Probable team has: Brenno; Rodrigo Ferreira, Geromel, Bruno Alves and Diogo Barbosa; Villasanti, Lucas Leiva and Campaz; Biel, Guilherme and Diego Souza.

Diogo Barbosa takes over Grêmio’s side — Photo: João Victor Teixeira

Ferreira did a separate job alongside defender Heitor. The number 10 must be prepared to come back from the muscle injury against Cruzeiro, the other weekend.

First, Roger led a pressure pass exchange activity in a small space of the field. Then, I work on the construction of the game, until the ball reaches the sides to make the cross for the men in front.

Friday will be a trip for the players. The delegation leaves Porto Alegre at around 11:20 am and is expected to arrive in Maceió at 5:20 pm.

Villasanti and Lucas Leiva in Grêmio training — Photo: João Victor Teixeira

On Saturday, Grêmio visits CRB at the Rei Pelé stadium. The ball rolls at 20:30, in a game valid for the 24th round of the Série B of the Brasileirão. Grêmio is runner-up in the competition, with 43 points, while CRB is 12th, with 29.

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