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It will not be this time that the Counter Strike: Global Offensive will receive the Source 2. One of the main insiders of the game, Gabe Follower revealed this last Thursday (11) that the next update will not bring a new graphics engine. Still, he kept the community’s hopes up by stating that there is a chance of the arrival of new maps.

No confirmation if they will be available in this update or the next, Gabe Follower stated that the valve already accepted them. At the end of last month, the insider revealed that the developer was testing Tuscan and Prime — a map available in the workshop created for Right Arm mode. Coincidence or not, the Tuscan was ready this past week.

Another novelty that players may receive in the next update is a new operation. Although it is not yet something confirmed by Gabe Follower himself, he highlighted that Counter-Strike is close to receiving a update pretty big.

“I have to give real information, ok? Get ready, because it’s sad. Source 2 won’t happen this month. A few days ago, I got confirmation that some new maps were officially accepted. Still, it could be something big. like an operation”said on social media.


While much is awaited and there is talk about the arrival of Source 2, Gabe Follower decided to get his hands dirty and create his own version of Counter-Strike in a new graphics engine. Also this Thursday, he released the result of a work that took six months to complete, where he himself ported the game.

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In just over seven minutes, he presents the result to the community, questioning Valve’s stance of not transferring Counter-Strike to Source 2. That’s because the insider did a job alone that could be done by an entire developer, showing that this process is not as complicated as the company makes it seem.

In the video, however, he highlights some points that are easily noticed by players. Making it available to be played by the community, the graphics fall far short of what the current version of Counter-Strike offers. According to him, the objective was just to develop the portability for the new graphics engine, without worrying about these details.

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