Livelo offers up to 7 points per real spent on the purchase of iPhones and Apple accessories at Ponto

THE livelo is offering up 7 points per dollar spent in the purchase of iPhones and Apple accessories at the Point. The offer, valid until Sunday (14) or while stocks last, is exclusive to products sold and delivered by the retailer and payments made by bank slip or credit card.

Livelo real Apple points

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7 points per dollar spent: exclusive to selected iPhones;
5 points per dollar spent: other Apple iPhones and accessories;
1 point per dollar spent: other categories.


Eligible Offer Products: Site Items sold and delivered by Point.
Payment method: bank transfer or credit card.

Points will be credited within 30 (thirty) days after receipt of the product(s). They will be valid for 24 months from the credit date. Marketplace products (those not sold and delivered by Ponto) accumulate at 1:1 parity.

How to participate

  1. Access the Ponto through the Livelo website;
  2. Click on “Go to Point”;
  3. Choose one of the eligible products and proceed with the purchase.
  4. After completion of payment it is necessary to click on the Livelo seal in the option “Accumulate Points”.

Livelo real Apple points

purchase example

When accessing a product, you can see how many points will be accumulated with your purchase in the upper right corner. We ran two simulations, with a generic zip code for the city of São Paulo. Note that parity is different for categories:

Select iPhones (7×1):

Other Apple products (5×1):

We advise you to take pictures or record your computer screen during the purchase process. That way, if a problem occurs, you can appeal and guarantee the correct credit of your points. We have a complete tutorial teaching you how to do this.


For those who are thinking of buying an iPhone or Apple accessory, the promotion can be interesting, as it allows you to accumulate up to 7 points per dollar spent. Always remember to compare prices with other retailers and assess if the offer makes sense for your profile.

For those who want to buy another product, keep in mind that there is no special accumulation, just the standard 1:1 parity of the partnership.

Thinking about taking advantage? Access Ponto through the Livelo website.

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