Medicine for pets developed by UFG startup controls parasites without side effects

Kariny Bianca

A drug against parasites was created by Multipet, one of the startups of the Entrepreneurship and Incubation Center (CEI) of the Federal University of Goiás (UFG). The product was developed for the treatment and control of ticks, fleas and worms at once, in dogs, cats, turtles, hamsters, birds and rabbits, without any contraindication.

The creator of Multipet and industrial pharmaceutical, Luciana Rodovalho, said that she has never been satisfied with drugs that cause adverse side effects in people, animals and environments. “My stint in my master’s degree in nanotechnology and my doctorate in innovative drug development gave me enough knowledge to think of a solution for treating parasites in pets,” she said.

The antiparasitic, which has the same name as the company, can be inserted into the animal’s water and does not produce any flavor. In addition, the animal can continue to live normally with the family while being treated and there is no need to use the famous dam.

According to Luciana, the development of the product was designed for the well-being of pets, so that they do not realize that they are being treated. “The tutor does not need to disguise it in the middle of the food because of the taste or put the medicine down the animal’s throat. Multipet must be dripped into the animal’s drinking water daily during the 30 days of treatment. The medicine has no taste and does not change the taste of water”, he highlights.

The drug can also be administered to pregnant and nursing animals, puppies, adults and the elderly. According to the creator of the product, there is no lactose, dye, alcohol, gluten and sugar in the composition, so animals with dietary restrictions such as diabetes can also make use of it.

The product is duly regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture and can be found in pet shops in Goiânia and the Federal District. Interested parties can also purchase the drug through Multipet website.

Second place in the Like a Boss challenge

multipet ranked second among the TOP 3 of the Like a Boss challenge, Sebrae’s national initiative aimed at accelerating startups of all maturity levels. The grand final of the challenge was held with 24 competitors on August 4th and 5th, during the Startup Summit 2022 in Florianópolis.

The challenge initially brought together 100 startups from all over Brazil, and after several steps, selected the TOP 24 that would go to Floripa, including Multipet and Luna Green Bioativos de Goiás, the latter graduated from CEI UFG.

Multipet’s next challenge is to represent the state of Goiás in the Netherlands, in an entrepreneurship competition called “Get In The Ring”, which will bring together startups from different countries.

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