Meet the new Uber Reserve!

One of the biggest innovations in the world of technology was the arrival of Uber to digital platforms. With it, users can use a transport service similar to a taxi, but with much lower prices.

The company expands its business more and more by implementing new tools and option at its core service. The new arrival promises to make life even easier for your customers.

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What’s New in Uber

Last Thursday, the 11th, Uber announced a new expansion that will be available soon in the city of São Paulo. The service will be called Uber Reserve. Now, passengers will be able to make reservations in advance for some type of trip.

Currently, the new feature is already available in some locations such as Porto Alegre, Brasília and Curitiba. However, it is worth mentioning that it will only be possible to make a reservation within a period of 2 hours up to 30 days in advance.

According to the company, the novelty can be very useful for those who have important commitments such as going to the airport, medical appointments or even work meetings.

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But didn’t the service already exist?

Many people are wondering, as there is already a similar option in the Uber app. Today, it is already possible to schedule a race. However, there are some differences between this feature and Uber Reserve.

In this modality that already exists, the application makes an appointment automatically at the time defined by the person. In this way, the driver may end up taking a little longer than expected, since it is necessary to wait for someone to accept the ride.

However, with Uber Reserve the situation is different. That’s because the customer can be sure that there will be a car available at the exact scheduled time. Drivers will be able to see the demand in advance and accept it. Thus, the customer can have a greater guarantee and be able to meet all the demands of the day.

What category?

An important point to be highlighted is that the new modality will only be available to drivers who can travel in the Comfort category. This decision was made thinking of a way to facilitate the pricing of the race. Thus, the customer will already be able to know the value as soon as he makes the reservation.

For this reason, the price will be what users already know according to the races on the Comfort line, but there will still be an extra fee for the reservation made. This second point will vary according to each trip. The driver will also receive a bonus for working in the modality.

It is worth remembering that there will be flexibility in the waiting time as some unforeseen events may occur. However, after arriving at the appointment location, the driver will wait only five minutes.

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