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O Microsoft PowerToys for Windows 11 it has a lot of interesting features, but there’s always room for more. An upcoming update will bring a feature called Screen Ruler, in free translation, “Screen Ruler”. As the name suggests, this is a function to allow you to take measurements on your computer screen.

Screen Ruler in Microsoft PowerToys (image: disclosure)
Screen Ruler in Microsoft PowerToys (image: disclosure)

I admit that, at first glance, I didn’t see any sense in the idea. But, looking at the description of the feature, I changed my perception. Screen Ruler seemed like a tool that could be really useful. The proposal is to measure an area or the distance between two elements on the screen quickly.

When the feature is launched, you can, for example, select an area on the screen with your mouse cursor to find the corresponding resolution (in pixels).

Altogether, there will be four modes of operation: horizontal distance between elements on the screen, vertical distance, number of pixels in a rectangular area and crosshairs (shows the coordinates of the mouse cursor position).

Screen Ruler can be useful for designers who need to fine-tune details of an interface or for developers who test the behavior of an application on screen, for example.

If the idea pleases you, know that you need to have a little patience. Screen Ruler is still in development. It shouldn’t take long for the feature to be released, though. The work is already well underway and, currently, the developers are testing the novelty to apply the final adjustments.

You can learn more about it on this PowerToys page on GitHub.

Screen Ruler in action (image: publicity)
Screen Ruler in action (image: publicity)

A “Swiss Army Knife” Called PowerToys

Maybe you didn’t like the idea of ​​Screen Ruler, but don’t give up on Microsoft PowerToys just yet. The app has several other features that can help you at some point. Here are some examples:

  • color picker: allows you to identify the color of any element displayed on the screen;
  • FancyZones: allows you to organize windows in different ways;
  • image resizer: allows you to change the dimensions of several images at the same time;
  • mouse utilities: adds mouse functions, such as a highlighter mode;
  • PowerToys Run: it’s a launcher of applications that brings several advanced features.

Not least: Microsoft PowerToys is free, open-source, and despite being focused on Windows 11 these days, it also works on Windows 10.

You can download PowerToys from the Microsoft store or from the official repository.

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