Netflix confirms season 4 of the animation Rolling Stone

News comes nearly three months after Love, Death & Robots season 3 premiere

One of the original series Netflix most loved today, Love, Death & Robots officially getting a fourth season. This news comes almost three months after the debut of the third phase of the streaming animation anthology.

The information was confirmed by Netflixgeeked through social networks. The account posted a colorful video, with a style typical of the series and a message that secured the next phase of production. “Love, Death + Robots Volume IV will happen. See the post below:

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On the 14th of May, the Netflix released the second season of Love, Death & Robotswhich originally premiered on the streaming platform in 2019. Winner of two Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards, the series is produced by David Fincher (Fight Club), Tim Miller (Deadpool), Jennifer Miller and Joshua Donen (Gone Girl).

The new episodes continued the futuristic anthology, which explores the themes presented in the title: love, death and robots – the chapters do not necessarily cover the topics in this order and do not always portray all three elements at the same time.

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individual episodes

As previously mentioned, the series follows the anthology format and brings together shorts from different production teams around the world, according to the IGN. In this way, each episode of Love, Death & Robots imagines a futuristic reality and presents a well-constructed narrative, which has exciting twists or certain doses of humor.

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amazing animations

Another highlight of the production is the animations. Many episodes bet on a realistic design, which refers to a video game, while other chapters venture into flashy color palettes, aesthetics characteristic of children’s productions or similar to comics.

fast episodes

Love, Death & RobotsIt is the ideal series for those who do not like long productions. The first and second season episodes are a minimum of six minutes and a maximum of 18 minutes.

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Despite being mostly made up of animations, the series counts on the live-action participation of Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Birds of prey) and Topher Grace (That ’70s Show). Besides them, Michael B. Jordan, Joe Dempsie (game of Thrones), among many other artists participate as voice actors or inspirations for the look of the characters.

Not so many loves, deaths or robots

It may be ironic, but not all episodes tell of love, death or robots. “Through the house“, “the tall grass” and “The Drowned Giant” are more reflective chapters, which explore the natural curiosity of the human being.

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almost happy endings

Despite the bizarre elements, frightening revelations and countless deaths, the series embraces complexity with almost happy endings, in which the characters fulfill themselves through revenge, small conquests or simply new sensations.

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