Netflix releases premiere dates for its reality shows with new seasons of Weddings Blind and Playing with Fire

Netflix Brasil shared the news for the next few months when it comes to reality shows.

In Queer Eye Brazil until the new seasons of the national versions of blind marriage and Playing with fire we will have a lot of content (and shacks!) coming around.

Check the list:

The fabulous Brazilians get into the changes and dramas in the trailer for Queer Eye: Brazil

Queer Eye Brazil

Arriving when: August 24, 2022

Fred Nicácio, Guto Requena, Luca Scarpelli, Rica Benozzati and Yohan Nicolas make up the team that comes to transform the lives of people with empathy, knowledge, acceptance and, of course, high spirits and daring. They bring their expertise and visions on well-being, design, culture, style and beauty, respectively, to definitively transform the lives of selected heroes and heroines – and everyone who watches this journey!

Check out the profiles on instagram here.

Playing with Fogo Brasil – Season 2

Playing With Fire Cast – Season 2
Photograph: Netflix Disclosure

Arriving when: September 28, 2022

Men and women with too much beauty and too little responsibility, together on a paradise beach, share the chance to win an even more attractive prize, in what is perhaps the biggest challenge of their lives: half a million reais in the account only if they manage to control their wishes. Who dictates the rules is Lana, a very clear virtual assistant: for each infraction (even a peck), a sum of money is deducted from the total amount. And it’s no use using the arrival of new participants in the middle of the game as an excuse! With physical contact out of the question, will they be able to deepen a relationship?

Blind Marriage Brazil – Season 2

Arriving when: November 30, 2022

Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo return for the new season of the reality show that promises to unite unknown people through capsules.

Men and women spend 10 days talking to each other, literally blindly and through booths, until they establish emotional bonds and decide who they want as husband and wife. So, they see each other for the first time and go for a few days of honeymoon, starting to live together and trying to make a physical connection as well. From there, they live together and test the much-acclaimed love, amid the tribulations of real life. For a month, they face routine, work, friends and family, and a lot happens until the last wedding ceremony, in which the newlyweds can say yes… but also leave the pair at the altar, in tears.

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