Number of 5G compatible cell phones increases

Already present in Belo Horizonte, João Pessoa, Porto Alegre, São Paulo and Brasília, the major brands together with Anatel are already meeting orders and increasing the number of cell phones compatible with this new network model.

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On the 16th, next Tuesday, the signal will reach the following cities: Curitiba, Salvador and Goiânia. The expectation is that the next capital, after these, will be Rio de Janeiro. For residents of capitals that did not go above, in September there is a forecast given by the government that all capitals will have access.

What are the most present brands in 5G?

Samsung, a South Korean company that is abundant when it comes to the quantity of cell phones and quality, is the most prepared to receive 5G in Brazil. Of all compatible handsets, 28 cell phones are compatible.

In order, Motorola has 17, Xiaomi has 13 and Apple has 9. To close the total: Asus (6), Realme (5), HMD Global (it is the manufacturer, but the cell phone continues to be marketed as Nokia) , Lenovo (1), Positive (1), TCL (1).

See what models are available

To find out which cell phones are compatible, by entering this linkyou will be directed to the Anatel website, in a renewed panel that shows all cell phones and the type of 5G supportable.

Last week, we made a list of all the models of the main telephone companies and we answered if your chip is capable of 5G or if it needs a change, you can access this text by clicking here.

Something new for iPhone users

Talking about the characteristics of 5G, we have two of them: the standalone (SA), which is the fastest and ‘purest’ version, and the non-standalone (NSA). The standalones are self-sufficient, and do not need any other software to run. There are 22 cell phones that are not able to perceive standalone.

The same applied with some iPhones. The iPhone 12, 13 and SE model were not planned for the standalone version and will have this upgrade until the month of September.

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