Persuasion, by Carrie Cracknell (2022)

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Netflix’s recent production, “Persuasion”, inspired by one of Jane Austen’s books, was concerned with being different from the 2007 production, directed by Adrian Shergold, and also from the film based on one of the greatest classics of English literature, “Pride and Prejudice”, from 2005, which was directed by Joe Wright.

While “Pride and Prejudice” took care of its delicacy and sweetness, “Persuasion” was concerned with being a more popular and accessible work, even trying to be comic at different times.

“Pride and Prejudice” had the participation of great names in world cinema, such as Keira Knightley and Rosamund Pike. “Persuasion” is largely due to Dakota Johnson, known in Brazil for the trilogy “Fifty Shades of Gray”. The actress’ talent and enormous charisma are undeniable. The big problem is that the film explored her potential very little, even coming to seem, at times, that she was improvising. In addition, there was a lot of investment in talking directly to the camera, something that worked very well in works such as the English series “Fleabag”, but which in the film went too far and became tiring.

The story starts cute, and we even gain sympathy for the protagonist, Anne. But the way in which his resignation to the events of her life was put made the film so boring, that it was an effort to watch until the end.

Also, as charisma as Dakota may have, he couldn’t balance the total lack of salt in the lead actor, whose features made him look like he was a goofball rather than a grown man who held a high rank in the military.

I don’t think cinematographic works have to be very serious.

Not even!

But, really, it lacked a little dedication in this adaptation of Jane Austen.

A feather.

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