Promotion of R$ 200,00 from PicPay through WhatsApp is it true? Know more!

PicPay is a fintech that is responsible for offering various types of financial services to customers. Nowadays, digital banking is expanding and, in this way, it may be that the number of customers ends up increasing. In addition, fintech occasionally promotes some campaigns.

Currently, a new campaign has appeared on the Internet in the last few days and many people may have believed it. In this way, the campaign is an alleged promotion of PicPay that would make the payment of R$ 200 to people through WhatsApp. But is this really true? See more below.

Message from the alleged PicPay campaign asking users to take a quiz / Image: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / and dissemination.

PicPay promotion of R$ 200

First of all, it is necessary to inform you that this PicPay campaign that promised to make payments in the amount of R$ 200 via WhatsApp is not related to digital banking. So, as fintech has not released anything official, this promotion is actually a scam.

It is important to note that this is not the first time this has happened. According to information from the Federal Police, this is an old coup that, now, once again gains strength and can make many citizens believe and end up suffering the consequences.

Also according to the Federal Police, the scam works as follows: the scammers send a message to the WhatsApp number of random people pretending to be the digital bank. Therefore, the message talks about an alleged birthday of PicPay and that, because of this reason, the fintech would make payments of R$ 200.

However, in order to receive it, the user must, first of all, answer a quiz with questions of a personal nature. In addition, only after the person finished and sent the quiz would there be payment, according to the message.

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What happens afterwards?

If the person does this, by clicking on the bar to enter the information that the supposed PicPay quiz requests, he will automatically download malware. That is, a spy who is able to access various elements on the cell phone.

Through keyboard, camera and microphone control, scammers are able to access sensitive personal information. For example, such as social media passwords, bank accounts, victim’s full name, among others.

The recommendation is that if the person has gone through this, then he should collect all possible evidence and then go to a police station to file a police report.

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