Resident reveals neighbors’ strategy to keep car space on the street always busy

A resident of Kent County, England, revealed on TikTok the strategy adopted by neighbors to keep a space in front of her house always available for their cars. When the father leaves with one of the vehicles, the son quickly occupies the space left.

In an interview with the Daily Mail tabloid, Tasha Bonner called the drivers “pathetic and selfish”. According to her, the couple’s house has space for two vehicles.

“I find it comical and sad that they are so obsessed with it, despite having a two-car garage and ample street space,” the resident noted.

Despite the critical tone, Tasha believes that the situation generates unnecessary stress in the lives of the neighbors: “The son could not leave if [o pai] wasn’t there to pick up the brown car,” he explained.

“I’m making fun of them for having a system that works 24/7.”

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In the comments of the post, many identified with the situation witnessed by tiktoker. “My neighbors leave their spot empty and park on either side of mine, with two cars and a work truck, and call each other to keep them when they leave,” one user reported.

Still, some viewers of the video questioned Tasha’s revolt, as neighbors did not block her way and only used a space on the street.

“I don’t understand what’s wrong. It seems that they just want to park in front of your house”, analyzed an internet user.

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