Schnitzel Recipe: How to Make Breaded Pork Steak – 08/12/2022

A trip through Austria or Germany is not complete without tasting a good schnitzel, the main dish of this episode of “Cozinha por Aí”.

It is a ‘beaten’ meat to create generally very thin steaks that are breaded and fried. Pedro de Bem opted for the pork cut, one of the darlings in Germany (click below to see the written recipe), but you can find it in other versions.

In Austria, one of the most classic is the Wiener Schnitzel, made with veal. But don’t be surprised if on your trip through the Germanic countries you come across the chicken hänschenschnitzel; the putenschnitzel, with turkey meat; and even the vegetarianische Scnhitzel, the vegetarian option of the dish.

Check out in the video the step by step with the pork and test it at home with the cut of your preference! To accompany, Pedro de Bem teaches a German-style potato mayonnaise, delicious and without frills.

German-style schnitzel with potato mayonnaise - Cozinha por lá/UOL - Cozinha por lá/UOL

Schnitzel with German-style Potato Mayonnaise

Image: Kitchen around / UOL

cook around
2nd season!

Barbecue ribs were this season's recipe at Cozinha Por Aí - UOL - UOL

Barbecue ribs were this season’s recipe from Cozinha Por Aí

Image: UOL

Winter is synonymous with travel, mountains, waterfalls and nature. It also asks for hot, practical and tasty recipes to share with family and friends. The series Kitchen around brings together all these attributes. Watch a new episode every week here on the UOL Channel and on Nossa YouTube (and subscribe to the channel now to receive reminders of new videos).

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