Shooting in Montenegro kills 11 people, leaves six injured (videos)

The shooter is a 34-year-old man, has not yet been identified, but would have been killed after clashes with police.

Sputnik BrazilAn unofficial source told the media that the gunman is a 34-year-old man, who opened fire on bystanders, including children, and a police officer, at a location near the government building in Cetinje.

According to reports, the shooting started due to a family fight. Then, according to RTCG, the gunman opened fire on other people passing through the region. He has not yet been identified, but would have been killed after clashes with the police.


“Multiple people killed, dozens injured after man opened fire in Cetinje, Montenegro,” the tweet reads.

“In the village of Medovina, near the former capital of Montenegro, Cetinje, a 34-year-old resident went out into the street after a family conflict and opened indiscriminate fire on passers-by, 11 people died, 6 people were injured, local television reported, citing the police,” the message says.

Four injured are hospitalized in Cetinje hospital. Two others were taken to the Clinical Center in Podgorica, capital of Montenegro.


According to the media, children were among the victims, but there is no official confirmation so far. In addition to the police, emergency and rescue services are at the scene of the shooting.


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