Shows Canceled Renewal, Joe Pickett

The TV scene misses another source of original content: Origins of the Spectrum, which produced a series like The best of Los Angeles and the crazy for You For closed spectrum cable subscribersAccording to our sister site Limite, its parent company, Charter Communications, has canceled all original programming plans.

This move leaves many current spectrum chains in limbo, including the New West. Joe Pickettwhich ranked as the highest rated Spectrum series of all time and was renewed for a second season in February, the sci-fi film lighthouse 23and the championship War of Thrones Alum Lena Headey, who has already been renewed before the premiere of her series. (lighthouse 23 It’s a co-production with AMC.) It remains unclear whether the series will continue to air on Spectrum, move to another network, or be canceled altogether.

Spectrum Originals launched in 2019 with the debut of The best of Los Angelesa branch of bad Boys The film franchise was originally developed at NBC and stars Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba. It ran for two seasons before being canceled in 2020. Spectrum also hosted a 12-episode revival of the ’90s sitcom on NBC. crazy for You, with Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt reprising their roles as married New Yorkers Paul and Jimmy Buchman. His other original series included stingthe spelling COVID of good fightRobert and Michelle King, second season of True Crime anthology To chasewhich came from Discovery and focused on the 1996 Atlanta bombing and false accuser Richard Jewell.

Several future series are still in development in Spectrum Originals: Miniseries Jorge and Tammy, starring Oscar winner Jessica Chastain as country music legend Tammy Winnett; Cold War Emotions spy among friends, starring Damien Lewis and Jay Pearce (co-production with Brett Box); A drama that takes place in Florida questioningchampionship The wonderful Mrs. MaiselLuke Kirby (co-production with Roku Channel).

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