Sidewalked for years, school built in weeks using 3D printer in Africa – News

A project carried out on the island of Madagascar, on the continent of Africa, built the first school with the aid of a 3D printer in the country, in the city of Fianarantsoa.

A partnership between the non-profit organization Thinking Huts, the Ecole de Management et d’Innovation Technologique and the local university of Fianarantsoa seeks to change the reality of young people on the island, in sub-Saharan Africa.

With the name of Bougainvillea, the school, before the arrival of the entities, was undergoing construction that had lasted seven years. With the help of these partners, the walls of the school were printed in 18 hours and three weeks later the structure of the place was finished.

The 65 m² space is designed to accommodate up to 30 students at the same time. The school will receive from primary to high school students.

The school’s doors, ceiling and window were made with local materials, and the walls were built with cement, using 3D technology. In addition, the college’s structure is shaped like a bee hive, symbolizing unity.

“We were inspired by the beehive, which symbolizes bringing people together to form a community that will only thrive if everyone works towards a shared mission,” says Maggie Grout, entrepreneur who created Thinking Huts. “3D printing allows you to reduce waste and construction time,” she adds.

According to UNESCO estimates, to improve educational indices in Madagascar, it would be necessary to create around 22,000 schools in the country.

At current figures, one in three children on the island has not even completed primary school and 97% of children under 10 years old cannot read a sentence with just a few sentences.

The initiative could be a key turning point to improve the education system and would positively affect many other sectors of the country, which currently occupies the 164th position in the HDI (Human Development Index), with a score of only 0.528 in an index that goes up to 1.

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