Spending too much? See the best apps to save money!

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The advancement of technology has brought several benefits to our daily lives, isn’t it? After all, some programs help us to maintain a healthier lifestyle, talk to people on the other side of the world and even increase our productivity. In addition, some of them are excellent for keeping finances up to date, especially for those who spend a lot.

With that in mind, see what app use to help save money.


The price of products has increased a lot in recent months, hasn’t it? Because of this, walking through the markets has been a real torture, especially for those on a tighter budget.

Fortunately, Bring can help you a lot to save on your purchases. Through it, you can create lists and share with your friends/family. That way, you will be able to stick to what you planned, without compulsorily choosing products. (Android / iOS)

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Who doesn’t like discount coupons? If you are one of those people who loves promotions, Pelando is the right app. Through it you can find thousands of discount coupons to save on internet purchases in the most well-known stores, such as Submarino, Amazon, Magazine Luiza, etc.

Zoom is a great app to help you save

The Zoom app manages to offer the ideal product at the lowest price, preventing you from spending unnecessary. In addition, it has a very pleasant user experience, with personalized notifications for items of interest, history of the last 6 months and a price comparator in the main stores in the country.


Drivvo is an indispensable app in the life of those who drive, as it helps to save a lot on fuel. With it, you can control your fuel supply, vehicle maintenance and get data on your average gasoline consumption.

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Skycanner is also an app that can help you save money

Skycanner is great for those who love to travel but also want to save money. Through it, you can plan your entire trip with more affordable prices, whether in the price of flights or hotels.

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