The Predator: The Hunt

Since the very first film in 1987, the Predator franchise has been an absurd success. In fact, it had as its protagonist a young actor with a very complicated surname to pronounce or write: Arnold Schwarzenegger.

At the time, he created a legion of adoring fans and created a worldwide fanbase who enjoyed that menacing creature that comes from space to hunt. Three years later, the sequel is released, but now with a new protagonist, the star of Lethal Weapon: Danny Glover.

The movie is fun, it was a relative success, but it couldn’t deliver the same intensity. As a result, it failed to reach a large audience.

But the character was in pop culture, went into comics and games. The Predator has become one of the great movie monsters in general.

Until in 2004 we had the terrible Alien vs. Predator, who came with high expectations, but failed to fulfill his mission. Generic film in every way. And as if that weren’t enough, in 2007 the sequel arrived – which was even worse.

But the studio, not wanting to drop the bone, decided reboot the franchise and in 2010 launched Predadores, by Nimród Antal. Which even had a Brazilian actress on the rise at the time: Alice Braga.

Once again the film did not take off and today it is practically forgotten by any fan of the franchise.

In 2018, it couldn’t go wrong. Shane Black is back, and amazingly, he’s the WORST OF THE FRANCHISE. And obviously the movie didn’t take off and, apparently, the franchise was beyond saving.

The Predator: The Hunt (Photo: Reproduction)
The Predator: The Hunt (Photo: Reproduction)

Until now, in 2022, in the silence of dawn, no one had any idea about the film and it arrives discreetly, however, it delivers an action film. The Predator: The Hunt takes the franchise back on track with LOTS of action and gory scenes.

The film tells the story of a skilled Comanche warrior who tries to protect her people from a highly evolved alien predator that hunts humans for sport. She fights against nature, dangerous settlers and this mysterious creature to keep her tribe safe. Set in the world of the Comanche Nation, in the early 1700s.

Bringing a historical context and making a parallel through metaphors with the pre-colonial period, the question remains: Who is the real predator?

The screenplay was written by Patrick Aison, best known for spy shows like “Jack Ryan” and “Treadstone”. And the production was shot totally without fanfare in Calgari, Canada, with the direction of Dan Trachtenberg, known for the movie “10 Cloverfield Street”.

The Predator: The Hunt is fun, with breathtaking action scenes and a story full of metaphors and layers. The movie is a great option for anyone who wants something exciting and fun.

The Predator: The Hunt is in the Star Plus catalog.

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