The weekend has Luísa Sonza, Péricles and a Brazilian film

The weekend is full of attractions to shake Cuiabá. The cultural program includes national shows, movie premieres and a beer festival.

Among the highlights are Luísa Sonza, Péricles, and MD Chef and DomLaike.

There are also clubs, events and theater. At the cinema, it is possible to watch five novelties: “Dad is Pop”, “The Beast”, “Evil Twin”, “Haffmann’s Fate”, and “Pacified”.

Check out the cultural program:

Luisa Sonza

Opening the weekend, this Friday (12)the singer Luisa Sonza do the second show “Sonza tea”at musiva. The first took place on Thursday (11). The event is being held by 79 Consultoria, Reviada, VX Entretenimento and has the support of Espaço Oddly.

Sonza is one of the biggest names in Brazilian music today, with a successful career and a string of hits at the top of the charts. Added to the debut of “Cachorrinhas”, her new single, the gaúcha currently counts six songs in the Top 100 of Spotfy Brasil.

Among his great successes are the hits Sentadora, Café da Manhã, Modo Turbo, Braba, Anaconda, Mulher do Ano, Flores, Hotel Caro, Penhasco, among many others.

Tickets can be purchased through the website Party house.


In this Saturday (13)the pagode singer Péricles, one of the biggest names in the musical genre in Brazil, will perform at the event “Samba Cuiabá – O Original”, alongside other great names such as Xande de Pilares and Tiee, at the musiva.

Currently in a solo career, Péricles was one of the vocalists who joined the group Exaltasamba of which he was one of the founders in 1986, alongside Thiaguinho. The group has already scored several hits such as Tá Vendo Quem Lua, Me Apaixonei Pela Pessoa Errada, Separação, Não Tem Hora e Nem Lugar, among many other great hits that marked a generation.

The night also features the presentation of the samba and pagode group ‘Vou Pro Sereno.

The event is scheduled for 9 pm and tickets can be purchased from BRL 50at Pantanal Shopping or at Distribuidora do Loro (now at Morada do Ouro).

For more information, just contact us by phone. (65) 99953-1935 or access the page Party house.



4th Craft Beer Festival of Mato Grosso

This weekend, the 4th edition of the Mato Grosso Craft Beer Festival will take place, bringing together 107 craft beer labels from 15 breweries, of the most diverse styles associated with the sound of good old rock n’roll, at Arena Pantanal.

The event will take place on the August 11th, 12th and 13that Pantanal ArenaStarting at 17 hours.

Participants at the event will be able to taste all the options brought to the event by the breweries Alpner, BR3, Colorado, Cuyabana, Fábrica, Hausbier, Heresia, La Cerva, Louvada, Meridia, Rocket, Sucuri, Querida, Van Dogh and Xaraes.

To complete the festival, there will be eight attractions on stage, two of which are national, the Queen Classical playing the songs of the legendary British band and a cover by Raul Seixas. Local attractions such as Herois de Brinquedo, Heitor Mattos, Bia Trindade, Banda Endorphina, Paula Shaira and Banda Fábrica are also confirmed.

The festival will also feature a large kids space for the whole family and a themed flash tattoo, for those who want to mark this experience on their skin.

Tickets: Casa de Festas and at Yougo.

For more information, just contact us by phone (65) 99953-1935 or access the Party house.

Shopping Estação

Alair Ribeiro/MidiaNews

Shopping Estação

Father’s Day weekend is coming and with it several attractions at Shopping Estação Cuiabá. The special program for Beer Day runs until this Sunday (14). The program has promotions with a snack menu, live music at the Taste Lab and at the Food Court and lots of cold beer.

In this Friday (12) there is a sertanejo in the food court, in Saturday (13) There’s a lot of music at the Taste Lab, especially Raul Seixas, starting at 1 pm, and samba circles, starting at 6 pm. On Sunday there’s MPB at the Food Square and root rape at Taste Lab

The mall also has Ice Skating, Pop It and Oikotie Outdoor Park, as well as the Pet Station Adoption Fair.

Father’s Day Promotion: Customers can enter the draw for a New City Sedan EX. Until the 15th, for every R$400.00 in purchases, simply register your notes in the Shopping app.

“Never give up on your dreams”

In this Sunday (14), the stage of the Zulmira Canavarros Theater hosts the play “Nunca Desista de seu Sonhos”, inspired by the book by Augusto Cury. In the play, psychiatrist Camila, while a medical student, attends a lecture by Dr. Augusto Cury and makes the decision to follow his teachings. Despite wanting to specialize outside the country, she puts off doing it for several reasons.

The professional is very passionate about her field and helps her patients, encouraging them by telling how brilliant men in history failed and yet were persistent and did not give up on their goals.

The play has as a background passages from the life of Dr. Augusto Cury, source of inspiration for the protagonist.

Ticket pre-sale available at site.

Rating: 12 years

Duration: 70 min

Address: Av. Andre Maggi, Y/N

Information: (65) 99972-7897

Pre-Trot – Maculous

The weekend will be full of events in Cuiabá, and one of the most awaited parties is ‘Maculosa’, with national artists MD Chef and Dom Laike, who promise to deliver a funk trap dance, with elegance and good music. The party will take place this Friday (12)Starting at 10pmat Vitrinni Pub and Music. Tickets are now on sale on Vitrinni’s official website.

The party promises excellence, elegance and quality when it comes to music and styles, as these are the fundamentals behind the duo of rappers MD Chef and DomLaike.

This dynamic duo will certainly make the people of Cuiabá vibrate and have a lot of fun with the various hits they carry on their account.

In addition to the nationally recognized duo, the party will feature regional artists and dj’s.

Prices start from BRL 80 the Vitrinni space (entire floor), cabins from R$1,000 for 10 people. Promotional half-price tickets are still available, until the lot is sold out.

The website contains details of values, what is included in consumption in each sector, in addition to the map of the sectorization of environments, etc.

Divided into 3 environments: a space for concerts, another where different musical genres will be played and the Pub-Space for consumption of food and drinks, the house has a capacity of at least 2 thousand people in the place.

Located on Avenida Arquimedes Pereira Lima, known as Estrada do Moinho, in Santa Cruz, in Cuiabá-MT.

“Daddy is Pop”

In Papa é Pop, Tom (Lázaro Ramos) sees his life change completely when he becomes a father. Gradually, along with his wife Elisa (Paolla Oliveira), he learns the meaning of fatherhood and finds himself taken by a completely different love after the birth of his daughters. Through everyday situations, the film presents a faithful representation of the relationship between parents and children.

“The beast”

In The Beast, Dr. Nate Samuels (Idris Elba) is a man who recently lost his wife, and decides to take a trip with his daughters to a reservation in South Africa, where he met his wife. But what starts out as a smooth trip turns into a nightmare when they find themselves being chased by a lion.

“Evil Twin”

Rachel (Teresa Palmer) is a mother grieving a tragic accident in which one of her twins lost his life. To rebuild his family, Anthony (Steve Cree) moves with his wife and their surviving son to the town where he grew up, thousands of miles from where they lived.

“Haffmann’s Fate”

François Mercier is an ordinary man who dreams of starting a family with the woman he loves, Blanche. He works for a talented jeweler, Mr. Haffmann. But faced with the German occupation, the two men will have no choice but to conclude a deal whose consequences will upset their fates.


Tati is an introspective 13-year-old struggling to connect with her estranged father, Jaca, fresh out of prison at the turbulent time of the Rio Olympics. As the “pacifying” police struggle to occupy the favelas around Rio, Tati and Jaca must navigate the obstacles that threaten their hopes for the future.

*MidiaNews is not responsible for changes without prior notice in schedules, values ​​or schedule of events.

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