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The home office or already famous remote work was the solution adopted by companies in the most critical periods of the covid-19 pandemic. The modality was so successful that today it is the reality of many workers who will no longer return to face-to-face activities. So, see the new rules for remote work.

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The changes in the law were approved by Congress. Among them is the management of the journey, which in some cases can be done through the control of time, except in cases where the worker is paid for delivery. In other words, who works for production.

Rules for remote work

The rules for remote work in Brazil bring another change that should guarantee more security for companies. Now, regardless of the place of work, hiring professionals will be based on the general laws of the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT).

This guarantees that the person who works for a company in Brazil, even if he lives in another country, will follow the general CLT laws. Tech companies must be the most benefited by measure.

Other rules include:

  • Employers are exempted from controlling the number of hours worked by employees hired by production or task;
  • The presence of the worker in the work environment in specific situations does not detract from remote work;
  • The work regime can also be applied to apprentices and trainees;
  • Has priority in telework, the employee with a disability and with a child or child up to 4 years of age under judicial custody.

Another definition is that, according to the Ministry of Labor and Pensions, there is no possibility of salary reduction because of the adoption of remote work. In addition, the employer has to guarantee the rest assured to employees by labor legislation.

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