Thief hides inside a teddy bear to escape the police; Look

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08/12/2022 12:10 pmupdated on 08/12/2022 12:10 pm

An 18-year-old car thief decided to hide inside a large teddy bear to escape the police. The plan was quickly thwarted by agents of the Greater Manchester Police Department in England.

Joshua Dodson stole a Mitsubishi ASX vehicle and filled it up without paying in the city of Rochdale, police told the BBC.

With an open warrant, the police went to the young man’s house. At the scene, they noticed a large teddy bear, which seemed to “breathe” in a corner.

“When we saw this big bear breathing during a hunt for a thief, we thought something wasn’t right. So we found our suspect tucked inside,” police said in a Twitter post with photos of the teddy bear.

The young man had made a hole in the teddy bear’s butt to hide inside it.

Dodson admitted to stealing the car in May and a van in March. He was sentenced to nine months in prison.

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