THIS is the BEST method to track a person via WhatsApp

The age of technology has brought several advantages to people’s daily lives. In addition to being able to perform numerous tasks with just a few taps on the cell phone screen, it is also possible to follow someone’s steps through the Whatsapp.

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Anyone who wants to track a person via WhatsApp needs, first of all, that the tracked individual is also connected to the internet. Without this, it will not be possible for the function to work correctly.

In the next step, the user must also ensure that the device is configured to allow the messenger to use the GPS signal. If this is not enabled, it will not work. Go to your phone’s settings, then apps and allow location access.

With all the steps verified and in operation, it is now possible to proceed to the how to track a person on whatsapp.

How to know the location of a person by WhatsApp

Nowadays, it is possible to know the location of a person through the messaging app during the following periods: 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours. In addition to these, there is also the option of real-time locationwhose time is unlimited.

Here’s how to enable this function on devices with Android and iOS installed:


  • To get started, open the WhatsApp conversation;
  • Then tap the paperclip icon;
  • Once this is done, click on “Location” and then select “Real-time location”. Go to “Continue”;
  • Set sharing time. Click on the green arrow button that will allow you to share where you are;
  • The location is displayed in the chat in frame format. To follow, just open the map and click on the option “View location in real time”. When you’re done, just follow in the person’s footsteps.


  • Start by opening a contact’s conversation.
  • Then click on the “+”;
  • The next step is to click on “Location”;
  • Finally, select the time (15 minutes, 1 or 8 hours) in which you want to keep the information available. Send the message by clicking the arrow.

Remembering that the tool works as an official feature of the application and does not need additional software to run. In addition, screening a person must always be done with the consent of the other party.

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