Video shows new Intel board that makes gameplay “fly”

Still with no forecast for the launch of the new Arc video cards, Intel decided to adopt a different strategy to promote its products: to carry out a comparison of performance in games with the video card of a competitor company in the PC graphics card market.

Ryan Shrout and Tom Peterson, Intel representatives, compared the Arc A750 with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 in some of the most modern games to check the performance of both devices in terms of graphics processing and to see which ones performed better in the tested games.

Check out the tests and results on video below:

In some games, like Cyberpunk 2077, Fortnite, and Microsoft’s Flight Simulator, the Intel GPU got the better of it, but in other cases, like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Deathloop, the Nvidia card performed better. In most titles, the performance of the cards was very similar, showing that the company’s new GPUs can be very competitive in this market.

Intel has a huge user base that already uses its graphics systems integrated into its processors. However, integrated GPUs are very limited and unable to run games that require a lot of graphics processing power. for this reason, Intel seeks to develop a competitive product to compete in a market that has been dominated for several years by Nvidia and AMD.

Although the new graphics cards are highly anticipated, Intel has had many problems that are delaying the implementation of the products in the technology market. The announcement of the Intel Arc GPU line was made last year, but the company’s bet has been in development for at least 5 years, since 2017.

Some rumors point out that one of the reasons for the delay is problems with drivers, which make the cards perform poorly in old games, but which are still very popular among the gamer community. Another problem affecting the company is the semiconductor chip crisis, which impacts the production of several of its equipment, including Intel Arc.

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