what did the ‘stoned’ bear in Turkey take and what were the effects?

Bear eats crazy honey, gets ‘high’ and needs to be rescued:

A grizzly bear cub went viral on social media after appearing disoriented and whimpering after eating hallucinogenic honey in Turkey. Images of the bear rescue were released by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, which also named the animal: balkiz.

The rescue took place in the province of Duzcein the northwest of Turkey. Images posted by the ministry on its Twitter account show the bear swaying and whimpering as it sat on its back in the back of a pickup truck after being rescued inside the visibly weakened forest.

But what is the crazy honeyor “deli bal” in Turkish, which left her “high”? According to the British newspaper The Guardiandeli bal is produced in small quantities by beekeepers in the Kaçkar Mountains above the Black Seathe only place in the world beyond the foothills of the Himalayas where native species of rhododendrons produce a potent neurotoxin called grayanotoxin.

Bear gets 'high' after eating hallucinogenic honey and is rescued in Turkey

Bear gets ‘high’ after eating hallucinogenic honey and is rescued in Turkey

photo: Reuters

Rhododendron is a bushy plant that reaches about 1 meter in height, abundant in the region, but which can be grown in places with abundant sunlight.

If bees feed on enough rhododendron nectar, the mud-red honey they produce has a strong smell and a bitter taste — and, for mammals, it has a hallucinogenic effect depending on the doses.

A small spoonful alone or taken with hot water or boiled milk is enough to induce a “slightly hallucinogenic or euphoric state”.

according to guardianhoney “is typically taken before breakfast as a traditional treatment for high blood pressure, impotence and various other conditions.”

At Europethe product is used under medical supervision to help reduce blood pressure.

18th century Europeans called it miel fou, importing it from the Ottomans to add extra punch to their beer.

In excess, however, it can lower blood pressure to potentially dangerous levels and induce nausea, fainting, seizures, arrhythmia and, in rare cases, death. Dozens of people a year are admitted to hospitals in Turkey for mad honey poisoning.

The distressed bear was taken to a vet, where she was treated. Officials said the animal was in good condition and would likely be released into the wild in the coming days.

on the turkish website Delhi Bal, where this type of honey is sold, the values ​​reach US$ 95 (approximately R$ 485 at the current price). It is touted as a substance “shrouded in mystery” and as a “legendary medicinal honey” from the Black Sea region of Turkey.

“It is prized for its stimulant properties. A small spoonful of ‘crazy honey’ produces a smooth, calming, euphoric sensation that enhances the overall feeling of relaxation,” the website says./AFP

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