WhatsApp update will allow messages to be deleted for up to 2 days

After many rumors about its new updates, there was finally the announcement of the increase in the timeout to delete messages on whatsapp. In this case, the confirmation came through Twitter and has already excited many users there, even more so with the new minimum time proposed by the Beta.

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More than two days to delete a message

Currently, WhatsApp already has a mechanism to delete messages, but this feature is relatively short. That’s because the user has one hour, eight minutes and sixteen seconds to remove the message from the air so that no one else sees it.

With that, the big complaint is that the time is insufficient to make repairs in the sending of messages. So some users have been complaining about this deadline for a long time, and there are always rumors of an increase, but to no avail.

With the new update, this deadline intends to increase a lot. In the announcement Tweet, the WhatsApp profile wrote: “Rethinking your message? Now you’ll have a little more than two to erase your messages after they’ve been sent.”

To be more precise, the new deadline will be two days and twelve hours to get the message out of circulation. This was enough to cheer up many profiles on Twitter who were delighted to hear about this news. However, so far there is still no specific prediction for when this will happen.

New updates on WhatsApp

Apparently, the news of the increase in the deadline should come faster than many people think. That’s because the Beta messenger already performs tests of several new functions that should arrive in the next updates.

One of them even concerns the administrators of messenger groups, who will now be able to delete the message of any member of the group. This novelty is already being tested by the Google Play Beta Program platform.

Although it also does not contain specific dates on when this novelty arrives, Meta has certainly felt the mood of users and should release the functions soon. Until then, we will be waiting for the news very carefully.

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