ABC loses to Figueirense, ends the first phase in sixth place and will stay in group 2 – 08/13/2022 – News

Taking advantage of the match against Figueirense to give rhythm to the rest of the cast, ABC was beaten by Santa Catarina by the score of 2 to 1 and ended up falling to sixth place. The position put the potiguar club in group 2 alongside the Santa Catarina club, Paysandu and Vitória, which ended up winning the last spot in the round that closed the first phase. Tito scored both goals for the hosts, at the Orlando Scarpelli-SC stadium, while defender Afonso scored the goal for the natives.

Renne Carvalho

With the team completely modified and Matheus Nogueira in the vacancy that belonged to Pedro Paulo, goalkeeper who left ABC to play for Atlético-GO, the Natal team entered the field calmly to face Figueirense. At stake was only the final placement within the first phase and that would only serve to form the two groups of the second phase.

Without a set and suffering from game rhythm issues, the home owners soon took advantage of a blunder on the ball out of the potiguar defense to open the scoring in the 6th minute. Tito stole the ball from Matheus Rocha, scored with an attacking partner, received it face to face with the goal and shot to swing the alvinegra net.

Gradually the ABC was getting right on the field, Calyson was standing out looking to give speed to the attack and in one of these attempts he was fouled in the 18th minute, on the side of the area, Walfrido was in charge of the charge and put it in the head of defender Afonso, who went up higher than everyone else to leave everything even on the scoreboard, 1 to 1. Excited, the potiguares lost a good chance to turn the score around in the next move, which the Santa Catarina defensive managed to save by throwing the ball for a corner.

The hosts felt the blow of the tie, leaving important spaces for the abecedista counterattacks. Calyson was hungry in another good alvinegra descent that arrived in the area with three players, but instead of passing the ball to the better placed teammate, he risked the shot and missed the target, but still scared the goalkeeper Wilson. Figueirense responded with a set piece, after a foul charged by Rodrigo Bassani, who made Matheus Nogueira make a good save.

Playing much more relaxed against a visibly uncomfortable opponent, ABC here and there managed to scare the Santa Catarina goalkeeper. But the aim was not up to date for the luck of the opponents. And so the match went until the final whistle.

The second half started very similar to the initial stage, in one of the first descents of Figueirense, Tito received in the area and hit crossed to make 2 to 1 for the hosts, in the first minute of the complementary stage.

Again at a disadvantage, ABC returned to advance its lines and arrive with danger in the opponent’s area, but it sinned at the moment of the final pass or at the end of the plays.

Fernando Marchiori moved the team a lot, but he couldn’t adjust ABC’s main problem, which was the last pass and submissions. A good example of this was a rehearsed play after a free kick. Garré played inside the area for Giovani, who, even free, curled up at the moment of the kick, lost control of the ball and gave a dangerous counterattack to Figueirense, which almost ended up in a goal. And so the game dragged on to the end.

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