Android 12 runs on 13.3% of devices before Android 13 arrives

O Google if prepares to release Android 13 soonbut the mobile operating system that will succeed, version 12 of the little robot, did not register such high numbers in its 1st year of life, according to data released by the company itself.

The official survey released by Google earlier this month shows that the distribution of Android 12 is running on 13.3% of devices. Despite the relatively low number, indicators suggest an increase in recent months.

In May, Android 12 was not listed in Google’s official distribution numbers, but it is estimated that version 12 of the system had approximately 6.6% share of the Android universe as a whole.

Android 11 is still the most used Android OS version today, with a 27% share. Interestingly, this number has increased, as in the last month of May the software had 23.8% of the share for itself.

Android 10 comes in second place among the most used today, with 22.3%. Android 9 Pie is still at 14.5%, which is noteworthy given that a four-year-old system still outperforms the latest stable version.

Despite the efforts of some manufacturers, such as Samsung, for example, the vast majority of Android devices run much older versions. Finally, it should be noted that these numbers refer to Android devices that access the Play Store.

And you, what version of Android do you use? Tell us in the comments below!

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