Avai draws to Goiás and completes 5 games without winning

Avaí took the lead, but gave up a draw to Goiás this afternoon (13) and reached the fifth match without winning in the Brazilian Championship. Bissoli, from a penalty, and Dadá Belmonte scored the goals in a 1-1 draw at Serrinha, in the opening of the 22nd round.

The stumble leaves Avaí in 15th place, with only 23 points, two more than Fortaleza, which opens the relegation zone and still plays in the round against Ceará, tomorrow (14), at 16:00 (GMT). The emerald club reaches 26 and rises, at least provisionally, to 11th place.

The duel was very balanced and with few chances for both sides. Avaí was superior in the final minutes of the first stage and managed to turn the good moment into a goal. Raniele was knocked down by Maguinho and Bissoli, who tied with Pedro Raul in the runner-up of the tournament with 11 goals, sent it to the net. After putting pressure on in the final stage, Dadá Belmonte hit a beautiful shot at the angle, from outside the area, and left everything the same.

Who did well: Raniele

With Guerrero centralized, Bissoli appeared little on the sides, despite having scored. In a duel with little brilliance between the two teams, Raniele maintained the level throughout the time he was on the field, appearing to help the attackers and even suffering the penalty that resulted in the goal.

Who was bad: Luan Dias

Completely off in the first half. Without offering any risk to the rival, he was sacked by coach Jair Ventura at half-time for Nicolas to enter.

Goiás performance: Pedro Raul isolated by pragmatic team

Verdão had little creativity to create offensive moves. Stopped in the opponent’s marking, it was up to Pedro Raul to seek space between the opponent’s defenders, but the ball barely reached him. After he was behind on the scoreboard, he pressed the air balls, but managed to score thanks to the beautiful kick of Dadá Belmonte.

Avaí’s performance: Raniele takes advantage of space in the middle

The visitors entered the field without a midfielder of origin, giving freedom to Raniele to articulate the plays in the sector. The player played his role well and helped to provide the attacking trio formed by Pottker, Guerrero and Bissoli. In advantage, it closed too much and allowed Goiás to seek equality.

match chronology

Little happened in the first 30 minutes of the ball rolling in Goiânia. The dry weather made the referee stop for hydration and, after that, Avaí created two great chances to open the scoring. Guerreiro received almost in the small area, but sent it over the top on 33′. Soon after, he made the pivot and William Pottker won the mark, appeared in the face of the goal, however he kicked on top of Tadeu who left the goal well.

With so much insistence, the visitors opened the scoring. Raniele advanced alone on the left at 42′, when Maguinho came with everything and knocked the player down inside the area. The penalty was scored on the field and Bissoli took it well, at the top, making Tadeu not even appear in the photo. It was the seventh penalty converted by the athlete in the tournament.

Esmeraldino came back better from the break, but VAR invalidated the goal scored in the 3rd minute. Pedro Raul climbed between the defenders and sent his head towards the back of the goal, but the video referee saw that the ball slipped into his hand after the header and invalidated the goal.

The match was stalled and, despite the greater initiative of the home team, there were no great opportunities for either team until Dadá Belmonte scored a great goal in the 33rd minute. The player hit with a curve, from outside the area, totally taking it from Vladimir, who still stretched all the way to touch the ball, but couldn’t stop it from going to the net.

Penalty is with Avaí

Avaí was already the team with the most penalties in Serie A and isolated itself even more in this regard with the 11th penalty recorded in this match. The second team on the list is Athletico, who have nine.

At 15′ of the second half, Flávio Rodrigues scored yet another penalty for the visitors. However, after consulting the monitor, he saw that the ball did not touch Sávio’s hand and canceled the appointment.

It was even from a penalty that the club won its last triumph in the Brasileirão. Still in the 17th round, on July 16, Leão beat Santos in Ressacada by 1 to 0. Since then, there are three defeats and two draws.

Sávio gets two yellows in a minute

At 38′ of the final stage, Sávio pulled Renato to the side of the penalty area and received the yellow card. The next minute, he repeated the fault on the same athlete and almost in the same place. The referee did not hesitate, gave the second yellow card and sent the player off.

Jair Ventura was going to remove the player, but the change took a long time to be processed, much to the coach’s despair. With one less, the commander closed the team and held the result in the final minutes.

next games

The two clubs return to the field for the 23rd round of the Brasileirão. On Saturday (20), at 4:30 pm, Esmeraldino visits Atlético-MG at Mineirão. On Monday (22), at 20:00, Avaí receives Inter in Ressacada.


Serie A of the Brazilian Championship – 22nd round
Date: July 13, 2022, Saturday
Time: 16:30 (from Brasilia)
Place: Haile Pinheiro Stadium, Serrinha, in Goiânia (GO)
Referee: Flávio Rodrigues de Souza (FIFA/SP)
assistants: Marcelo Carvalho Van Gasse (FIFA/SP) and Alex Ang Ribeiro (SP)
VAR: Thiago Duarte Peixoto (SP)
Goal: Bissoli, at 44’/1st (AVA), Dadá Belmonte, at 33’/2nd (GOI).
Yellow cards: Savio (GOI); William Pottker, Rodrigo Freitas (AVA)
Red card: Savio (GOI)

GOIÁS: Thaddeus; Maguinho, Caetano, Reynaldo and Sávio; Fellipe Bastos (Vinicius), Diego and Matheus Sales (Renato Junior); Luan Dias (Nicolas), Dadá Belmonte (Caio) and Pedro Raul (Hugo). Technician: Jair Ventura.

HAWAII: Vladimir; Renato, Bressan, Rafael Vaz and Cortez; Lucas Ventura (Rodrigo Freitas), Bruno Silva and Raniele (Eduardo); William Pottker (Natanael), Bissoli (Thales) and Guerrero (Muriqui). Technician: Eduardo Barroca.

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