Bear rescued after eating hallucinogenic honey in Turkey is doing well and gets a name – Jornal do Oeste

A grizzly bear cub has gone viral on social media after appearing disoriented and whimpering after eating hallucinogenic honey in Turkey. The images of the bear’s rescue were released by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, which also named the animal: Balkiz.

The rescue took place in the Duzce province in northwest Turkey. Images posted by the ministry on its Twitter account show the bear swaying and whimpering as it sat on its back in the back of a pickup truck after being rescued inside the visibly weakened forest.

The animal ingested a “deli bal” or “crazy honey”, a type of honey produced from rhododendron flowers that can have a hallucinogenic effect. Although used by medicine for some treatments, the use of honey unsupervised and even in small amounts can cause health problems.

The bear has been taken to the vet, where she is receiving treatment and will be released into the wild in the coming days, local officials said.

“Our baby grizzly bear, who is exhausted in Duzce, is in good health and our teams are continuing his treatment,” said the Turkish ministry, which asked for help on Twitter in naming the animal. “Let’s name our beautiful ‘daughter’ who overdosed on honey.”

A few hours later, authorities announced the choice of name. “The name of our cute teddy bear is ‘Balkiz,’” he said. “Balkiz is in good health and we will release her to her habitat as soon as possible.”


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