Bolsonaro minimizes action against Trump: Justice “works” in the US

Former US president under investigation for possible obstruction of justice

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) on Saturday (Aug. Bolsonaro claimed to receive privileged information and declared that a president “no need for papers”.

“They went to look for papers there, secret, secret, which would have been kept with him. Now, a president, you don’t need papers, I have inside information, what are you going to do? Will you arrest me now?”, he said in an interview with the face to facehosted by Rica Perrone and streamed on YouTube.

On Monday (Aug 8), the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) of the United States executed a search and seizure warrant at Trump’s home in Palm Beach, Florida. Images published by the digital newspaper axios showed that former US President Donald Trump threw official documents down toilets.

Bolsonaro said he has “freedom” to call Trump, but denied having talked to the businessman about the matter. “I’m free to talk to Trump, but I didn’t call him,” said.

In 2020, Bolsonaro supported Trump’s re-election and also questioned Joe Biden’s victory. Bolsonaro was one of the last world leaders to congratulate the US president-elect.

By minimizing the FBI’s action against Trump, Bolsonaro said that the American justice system is different from the Brazilian one and that it works. “There is a difference in Brazilian justice, the business there is taken seriously […] There is such a thing as the truth, there the [versículo bíblico] John 8:32 works for real“, said.

In a statement about the FBI operation, Trump said his home was “invaded and occupied by a large group of FBI agents” in operation that was not previously communicated. He said the action was a “Attack by Left Radicals” who do not want his candidacy for the US Presidency in 2024.

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